5 Salon Marketing Strategies

As a natural hairstylist, you offer a unique, in-demand service that brings tremendous value to your customers.  The natural hair journey is one that’s often tied to a greater exploration of self, and bringing on a new client isn’t just about booking a job—it’s about forming a bond.  But if your potential clientele doesn’t know about your services, that connection never happens.  Thus, salon marketing strategies are an integral part of growing and maintaining your business.  The following 5 options are proven methods that will keep your chairs filled and your entrepreneurial spirit inspired.

  1. Use social media live video: Social media is a valuable business tool because it’s free and gives you direct access to the clientele you seek. However, you should forgo the standard photo and text posts for a live video series. 80% of social media users are more likely to watch a live video than a video post.  Live videos give your audience a chance to see that you’re a real person, and they give your brand a tangible identity. Try hosting some live how-to demonstrations, a Q&A with you and your staff, or black hair product reviews.  Be sure to start your live video at peak times when you’ll get the most views, and share the resulting video everywhere you can.
  2. Grow your email list: Email is still one of the most effective ways to reach your customers. More than 3 billion people have active email accounts. So, odds are, your future customers have them, too. Create a hook to increase signups.  For example, you could institute $10 Tuesdays, in which all customers receive $10 off their service every Tuesday in October.  But the only way to get the discount is to sign up by September 30.  This will drive people to your list.  And, you can then send them important updates about your business.
  3. Style hair for a photo shoot: Connect with up and coming photographers who need natural hair styled for their photo shoots. You’ll receive professional credits on published work, establish repeat clientele, and gain unprecedented exposure that’s impossible to find through traditional means.
  4. Create a selfie station: The average person will take more than 25,000 selfies in their lifetime. Why not be a part of that?  Set up a selfie station in your shop where customers can show off their new ‘dos with great lighting and an appealing background.  Create a hashtag for the station and ensure your customers use it when sharing the photos on their social media accounts. This is a free way to show off your hard work and advertise your business with one simple action.
  5. Get listed on a directory: Listing your salon on a public directory is a great way to find new business. Customers who are seeking natural hair salons are performing targeted searches, and a directory is one easy way to make sure your business is visible online. Be sure to check out our natural hair salon directory where you’ll have a full profile and opportunities to be featured.

Creating a top-quality business is just one part of the battle. Now, it’s time to market your services and build your client list.  These salon marketing strategies can help.

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