Blog Submission Criteria

Blog Submission Guideline:
  • Content should inspire, empower and uplift.
  • We are looking to receive original unique content that has not been featured elsewhere.
  • Whenever possible try to incorporate tips and bullet points (i.e. 5 Quick Tips, 10 Ways to… etc.) Roc Your Locs will own submitted articles exclusively, reposting of article is not allowed; however, sharing/posting the link on your website or other online platforms is allowed and encouraged.
  • Submissions may be edited by the Roc Your Locs publishing team.
  • Authors will receive notification via email if your article has been published.
Featured Blog Categories
  • Wellness (nutrition, fitness, mindfulness)
  • Salon Decor
  • Business
  • Fashion
Submission Details:
  • Email submission (Subject: Roc Your Locs Blog Submission)
  • Include with your submission (content will be featured along with the article):
    • Name or nickname
    • Business name (if applicable)
    • Website URL (if applicable)
    • Social media handles (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter etc.)
    • Headshot of the author behind a solid background  (optional)
    • Supporting quality article photos can be submitted for consideration
Expectations of Published Authors

Author should post link of published article on their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) and blog/website (if existing) informing readers of your featured article in the Roc Your Locs Wellness Blog.