How Feng Shui Will Enhance Your Client’s Experience

You’ve completed your schooling and now you have your own space to grow your business, but the hard part may not be over. You can have all the skills mastered, but if your business gives potential customers the wrong vibes, you could lose potential guests, and the forward progress you’ve worked so hard for could suffer. One way to help your customers and yourself feel centered in your workspace is by implementing the practices of Feng Shui.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui (wind and water) is an ancient art created in China. In Chinese culture wind and water equate to good health and therefore the meaning of good feng shui came to be “good fortune”. Feng shui is closely related to an understanding of nature, the five elements, and chi, the idea that the world is alive and filled with energy. Feng shui is the ability to understand how your placement amongst the objects in your business affects you, your life, and your client’s lives as they enter your space.

How is Feng Shui Useful?

Focusing on the placement of objects in the environment and their balance, Feng Shui can help to make your workspace more prosperous, more harmonious and invigorating for customers and coworkers, it can help you think more clearly, and it can make you more productive. All of these can allow you and your clients to find peace and balance in your personal life.

How To Transform Your Space with Feng Shui

  1. Incorporate plants into your space. Thriving plants bring the natural world inside, freshen the air quality, and encourage growth. If a plant dies, make sure to replace it. Even a silk plant or art of flowers and greenery can be effective as long as you keep them dusted and fresh.
  2. Water is a powerful symbol of money for feng shui. Incorporate small calming fountains, an aquarium (a goldfish represents money and helps to attract it), or art that depicts water. Always make sure that the water is not stagnant to keep the feng shui positive.
  3. Choose a color that represents you and how you want your space to feel. For example: purple is calming and improves mental and physical healing, blue is another calming color that represents the sky and the ocean as well as adventure and trust, green represents nature and depending on the shade can represent money (dark green) or growth and freshness (light green), and orange represents organization and boosts creativity and concentration.  

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