Our Story

At the beginning of our journey, we reached into the community – local and natural hair – to provide individualized hair care and top-notch customer service experiences to our clients as The Beauty Room Salon.  Over time, we began to receive requests from potential clients that struggled to find natural hair stylists to help them. They spent hours searching the internet to receive varied information about hair stylists, their locations, pricing, and policies.  While being in demand is great, we couldn’t fulfill the needs of these clients. Our schedules were booked solid. As a result of the demand for The Beauty Room Salon, we created BP Finders, an exclusive beauty professional referral network that adopted the framework used by The Beauty Room Salon to make it sought-after.

Through BP Finders, we connected beauty professionals, also using this framework in their businesses, with their potential clients.  Not only were client’s needs being met, but our beauty professional members increased their client portfolios and increased their revenue month after month. While clients and professionals found success within the network, we wanted to streamline how clients and beauty professionals connected. We wanted a place where clients could search for and easily find their beauty professionals.  Likewise, we wanted to create a space where beauty professionals could showcase their skill and expertise and also receive business support.